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About Us

"A Timeless American Tradition"

American Strutter is founded on the principles that our country was founded on. First and foremost, our savior receives all the glory. Our country was founded to be 'One Nation Under God', and this company will always give our Savior Jesus Christ the glory for any successes. Our passion for hunting has led us to the creation of American Strutter. I have a truly mad obsession for the wild turkey, and believe it is one of God's greatest creations. Benjamin Franklin even pushed for it to be The United States Of America National Emblem over the beautiful Bald Eagle. Everything about watching a Tom strut across a field to his adoring girlfriends encompasses 'American Strutter's vision. He is confident as he tucks his head back into his back and sticks his chest out, and slowly 'struts' back and forth to show off his elegant posture and iridescent colors. The clothing you wear represents who you are, so why not strut with confidence like the before mentioned Tom? American Strutter strives to bridge the gap between classic elegant hunting styles and everyday fashion. From our American Strutter T-Shirts / Tanks (and coming soor our Men's and Womens Button Down Dress Shirts), to our American Strutter Turkey Calls, we want you to be a part of 'American Strutter - A Timeless American Tradition'.

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